• Simple MP3 Audio Player PRO

    Simple MP3 Audio Player PRO для Android

    Разработчик: Think Big Apps
    Возраст: Без классификации
    Категория: Музыка и аудио

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    Цена: Бесплатно
    Проверено: Нет
    Надежный разрабочик: Нет
    Рейтинг: 2,5
    Голосов: 13
    5 2
    4 2
    3 1
    2 3
    1 5
    Размер файла: 1,1M
    Установок: 1 000–5 000
    Версия приложения: 1.0
    Операционная система Андроид: 2.3 или более поздняя
    Имя пакета com.ryan2.lrandom.audioplayer
    Дата пуликации: 23 апреля 2014 г.

    Описание приложения Simple MP3 Audio Player PRO

    **The #1 MP3 Audio Player on Android!**

    Listening To Your Favorite Music Has Never Been Simpler


    Quality sounding music is a must have for all music fans which is why you will love our audio player, because we deliver great sound for free. Simple Surround Audio Player is a must have for anyone who loves music and wants to share it with friends and family with simple and fast search options. Simple Surround Audio Player is for anyone looking for quality sound and great organisation in one device application for Android.

    We have built an audio player that will get your music files in perfect order while looking and sounding amazing at the same time. Our app is one of the leading audio players in Google Play, so come and have a listen. You will be pleased you found our awesome audio player and your friends will thank you for sharing this great app with them. So don’t wait any longer.

    Here are some of the great features no other app has:

    - Display embedded lyrics support
    - Remove unused media tabs
    - Edit tags
    - Programmable sleep timer
    - Create and edit playlists within the player
    - Create dynamic “Live List” playlists based on rules
    - Fade in and out when playing and stopping songs
    - Controllable lockscreen
    - Bookmark podcasts
    - Customize the default action for different categories

    We want you experience to be an awesome one which is why we are happy to hear any suggestions which you think may enhance our app.

    Come and experience the difference with our great audio player you can download our awesome app for free.

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