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    Имя пакета cloudone.mobi.qrly
    Дата пуликации: 21 октября 2015 г.

    Описание приложения Qrly

    Qrly is a free App to help people move away from endlessly filling in the same contact information over and over! Qrly allows you to enter your contact information once and then create a number of QR Profiles for different combinations of your contact details.

    At startup, Qrly displays the default or user selected QR-Code, which allows another app to scan this information, transferring the information you are prepared to share with no writing, typing or errors!

    Any mobile application should be able to read your QR-Code using the built-in camera on the device. Other applications that have the capacity to read a QR-Code will be able to do the same. The contact information is represented in industry standard vCard 4.0 format, so that any application can process the information easily.

    Easy uses include transferring business card information or a simpler profile containing only name and email address for electronic receipt purposes. This was the main reason for creating Qrly! In this day and age its hard to understand why people still get printed receipts and invoices all the time. Surely its much better to email it so it can be stored as required in a much greener way!?

    But Qrly can just as easily be used to share your personal contact info containing say your mobile #, personal email address and Facebook or Twitter IDs. In addition to the standard Contact fields you can add your own custom fields too.

    Your contact information is only stored on your phone or tablet and will never be shared with anyone else.

    Изменения в новой версии Qrly?

    • Introducing the Sharing of Qrly codes - may want to print some for use on business cards or websites etc

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