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    Pageman Launcher для Android

    Разработчик: CloudOne.mobi
    Возраст: 3+
    Категория: Мультимедиа и видео

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    Цена: Бесплатно
    Проверено: Нет
    Надежный разрабочик: Нет
    Рейтинг: unknown
    Голосов: unknown
    Размер файла: 236k
    Установок: 100–500
    Версия приложения: 1.0
    Операционная система Андроид: 4.0.3 или более поздняя
    Имя пакета com.pageman.android.launcher
    Дата пуликации: 19 ноября 2013 г.

    Описание приложения Pageman Launcher

    This application launches Pageman, or if it is not installed launches the Play Store on the Pageman page.

    PageMan is the most cost effective way to manage your Digital Display Media in one or thousands of locations.

    PageMan delivers digital content to a range of marketing devices any where, any time
    * Photo’s, Graphics, Video or Audio content
    * Scheduled by Playlist and by Location
    * Easy to use, web based content management and scheduling app
    * Delivered using a Cloud based solution via Android media players
    * Display to HD displays, tablet devices or drive audio systems
    * A green, low power solution

    Who Needs PageMan ?
    * Any organization who would like to communicate more dynamically with their in-store or in-office consumers or staff
    * Using posters in-store and could not cost-justify going digital before
    * Using older, less cost effective PC based media players
    * Brand owners who want to manage their marketing content in retail outlets in real time in many outlets all over the world

    What does PageMan cost ?
    PageMan is delivered as a monthly paid, Software-as-a-Service solution, in 3 main formats
    * $15 per device per month with no media player supplied
    * $20 per device per month with an Android Media player included
    * Negotiated large volume licenses for large scale deployments - eg a Mobile phone company using it on all its demo device out there

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